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Prepare for the Rigorous Demands of Insurers

Cyber insurers have been tightening their underwriting guidelines and asking for more details to better understand the risk that they are insuring. Whether it is details on backup procedures or questions on specific security controls in place, organizations seeking cyber insurance  can expect a more rigorous underwriting process.

Furtim’s continuous testing solution enables organizations to prepare for meeting the demands of insurers. Measuring and tracking the aggregate risk of insured entities over time is critical to understanding the cyber-risk exposure of the insured and the associated financial risk to the insurer.

How Continuous Assessments Help You

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Gather Necessary Information

Insurers are looking for specific information around your current security practices and protections such as compliance with regulations, protection against ransomware threats, awareness around network interruptions, and implementing policies and controls to improve your security posture. Use continuous assessments to help you prepare.

Address Deficiencies

If deficiencies and vulnerabilities are discovered as a result of testing, now is the time to take action and remediate these vulnerabilities. Outline a plan to address and mitigate any threats that have been found. Once rolled out, continuous testing can validate that these actions have improved your security posture.

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Highlight Improvements

Once you have prioritized and remediated your vulnerability list, it is time to reassess and check your work. This will tell you whether your actions have been successful and if there are new issues to address. This is also useful for reporting metrics of ongoing efforts to improve your security.

Prepare for a Better Outcome

In order to get a better outcome with insurance placement or renewal, organizations should invest more time in the process. Commit to being prepared, make sure you are thoughtful in articulating your unique risks and be insightful when providing information around your controls, processes, and procedures for reducing risk.

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