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Understand and Contextualize Your Business Risk

No issue today has created more concern with corporate C-suites and boardrooms than cybersecurity risk. With the ability to shatter an organization’s reputation with shareholders and customers, lawsuits from affected parties, and attention from the media, the threat of cyber risk is ubiquitous and insidious. No company is immune, which makes the responsibility to oversee, manage, and remediate cyber risk a top-down priority.

Continuous security testing gives executives a means to quantify and qualify cybersecurity risk and to take action to reduce it.

How Continuous Assessments Help You

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Understand and Contextualize Your Business Risk

Directors and officers have a duty to oversee an organization’s management of its cybersecurity risk. Instituting and monitoring system controls is key to avoiding personal fiduciary liability, and special attention should be paid to red flags. Furtim’s solution can help organizations identify vulnerabilities and risk – as well as validate security measures are improving the security posture.

Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

No one should be allowed to become the weakest link within an organization. Everyone should know what security means in their respective domains. Boards, C-Level members, and business owners should establish and track appropriate security metrics from relevant groups. Continuous testing can provide data for tracking these metrics.

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Simplify Security

It is IT’s role to support business objectives. Continuous security testing empowers IT teams to spot potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses and to take immediate action or to implement on the spot decisions in response to this information. Continuous testing reduces the exposure time of vulnerabilities allowing organizations to remediate issues faster.

Define Risk Appetite

Risk appetite needs to be high on any board’s agenda and is a core consideration of an organization’s risk management approach. Take stock of cyber risk capabilities and compare to industry benchmarks. This empowers organizations to drive behaviors for running the business and capitalizing on opportunities.

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