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information technology

Identify and Resolve Vulnerabilities Faster

Furtim helps organizations identify and resolve vulnerabilities at an unprecedented rate. Organizations commonly rely on static point-in-time security assessments to assess the attack surface and cybersecurity posture of the enterprise. This approach is fundamentally flawed, network environments change on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour basis. Continuous data-driven testing and monitoring is required to assess the risk of the environment in real-time.

How Continuous Assessments Help You

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Real-Time Updates

New vulnerabilities are discovered in hardware and software platforms each day – plus developers are constantly deploying new code. Continuous test results alert teams to potential weaknesses and allows them to take immediate action or to implement on the spot decisions in response to this information.

Remediate Faster

Waiting until next year’s assessment to uncover new vulnerabilities is a flawed approach. Continuous testing reduces the exposure time of vulnerabilities allowing organizations to identify patches that require more testing and fast-track those that are more critical. Fix issues now before they become larger problems later.

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Reduce Administrative Time

Since vulnerabilities are discovered closer to their inception, work to remediate anything that is found can be planned. Continuous testing empowers teams to spend less time on unplanned work and more time towards security improvements. Operations will run more efficiently and cheaper.

Fulfill Multi-Test Requirements

The average organizations aligns with at least one or more industry standard governance and compliance frameworks where a minimum yearly vulnerability assessment is a basic requirement. Requirements for testing on major changes or multiple tests per year are achieved through continuous testing. Reports and attestations can be generated at any time.

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