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Measure the Cybersecurity Posture of Acquisition Targets

Common sense dictates that cyber security incidents and breaches would reduce the value of a potential acquisition and question the integrity of the organizations cyber security practices. During the due diligence process organizations have insight into financial and legal risks and require an objective view of the organization’s technical cybersecurity posture to measure the cyber risk exposure of the organization.

A comprehensive view of an M&A target company’s cyber practices is a critical component of the vetting process prior to a merger or acquisition. During M&A transactions, outdated, unpatched, and vulnerable systems are absorbed by the acquiring entity and often not updated or secured for years to come. Continuously monitor the cybersecurity risk of your current and future investments with Furtim’s solution.

How Continuous Assessments Help You

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Conduct Due Diligence

Cybersecurity is playing a greater role in M&A strategy than it did previously, and it can even be a deal-breaker in certain circumstances. It is absolutely critical that the assessment of a target company’s cyber posture and the evaluation of potential vulnerabilities start from the beginning of the M&A process and continue through integration and post-integration.

Accurately Assess Risk

Evaluation and due diligence shouldn’t just be a point-in-time exercise. Measuring and assessing the cyber health of a target company should be an ongoing activity. Evaluate the existing security network, the risk level and vulnerabilities, and what the organization is doing to mitigate any of the risk.

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Conduct Objective,
Data-Driven Conversations

Undisclosed data breaches can be an immediate deal breaker in an M&A strategy. The use of objective, evidence-based measures of performance to benchmark security performance is imperative. Data helps make informed decisions about the cybersecurity practices in an organization. Better insight drives superior value in M&A.

Allocate Third Party Resources

Decision makers often feel they don’t have enough time or resources to perform a cyber evaluation. Furtim’s solution provides an objective look at cybersecurity risk before an organization is acquired. It’s important to take a thorough look prior to integration. Once the organizations are connected, bad actors have free reign unless appropriate, preemptive action is taken.

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