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Verify Security Posture of Your Portfolio

Establish a standard for measuring the cybersecurity posture of portfolio companies. Furtim’s continuous testing solution enables Venture Capital firms to continuously monitor the security posture of their portfolio companies and potential future investments. Measuring and monitoring the aggregate risk of acquisitions over time is critical to understanding the everchanging cyber-risk exposure of an organization.

Furtim enables VC firms with insights into the vulnerability management practices at organizations and key metrics to track program health as part of due diligence and adherence to compliance and governance requirements.

How Continuous Assessments Help You

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Protect Sensitive Information

All investment firms are at risk of data breaches simply because sensitive financial information is shared digitally. Continuous test results empower teams to talk about the target company’s security framework and protocols, to identify potential issues with third-party vendors, and to verify current security controls are sufficient for protecting data.

Identify Due Diligence Responsibilities

Conduct robust diligence to validate and verify the potential investment’s claims as well as surface and mitigate any potential security issues. Assessments may reveal issues that may be considered deal breakers or call for a restructuring of the terms of the deal.

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Identify Potential Risk

Cybersecurity is dynamic and can change quickly. The process of identifying, classifying, and addressing vulnerabilities to avoid threat actors is an ongoing process. Continuous assessments provide ongoing data to help establish a business-risk curve to optimize investments and to monitor and report on the organization’s security strategy.

Improve Business Context

Contextualize cybersecurity metrics against potential business impact. Long-term vulnerability management gives an up-to-date picture of the security status and makes it easier to identify areas of risk. Puts organizations in a better position to determine whether target companies are low-risk, sound investments.

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