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Reduce Risk Through Cybersecurity Leadership

As a virtual CISO, you have to be prepared to quickly get ingrained into the organization you are working with to deliver outcomes to the board, C-suite, and middle management that will tangibly improve their cybersecurity posture. Each organization has its own unique security profile, shaped by threats and the risks they face. But, many experience the same challenges.

That’s where Furtim solutions can help. Our continuous assessment model helps in identifying these risks and defining how you can help the organization overcome their security challenges.

How Continuous Assessments Help You

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Communicate Risk to Senior Management

A virtual CISO helps organizations shape the cybersecurity strategy, bridge resource gaps, and direct the cybersecurity program. Technology risks are often hard to communicate to the board. Continuous testing can provide metrics that you need to build a robust security program.

Identify Benefits and Opportunities

Another challenge of a virtual CISO is in identifying the cybersecurity improvements that can be made and the benefits of doing so. This involves engaging with key stakeholders across the board. Continuous assessments can give you the data you need to focus on strategy, operations, regulation and compliance, as well as financial growth.

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Offer Experience and Knowledge

Your role as a virtual CISO is valuable to a business. You offer a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from working with organizations through the good and the bad. Your ultimate goal is to ensure organizations have the tools they need to build a robust security program. Continuous assessments are part of the solution.

Identify Appropriate Level of Risk

Take stock of cyber risk capabilities and compare to industry benchmarks. This will empower you to drive behaviors for building a robust security program as well as giving the senior management the knowledge they need to understand and appreciate the cyber risks their business faces.

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